Welcome to the Obsidian Overlords website!

Our guild has been around since the early days of WoW, and our first GM, Denkoo, was very interested in creating a place where people share freely with each other, and help each other achieve in-game goals. Our guild still reflects those founding values. We are, quite simply, a group of friends who like to play World of Warcraft – and ‘playing’ means all manner of things from questing, to achievement farming, to raiding, to creating as many alts as possible. Or even just hopping around a major city showing off our non-combat pets and toys, and eating cake (mmmm… cake).

First and foremost, have fun!


In Memory of Antaeus, our fallen dwarf champion. His stature may have been small, but his heart was large, and he excelled at all things dwarven – whether drinking, or brawling, or being a steadfast friend. We will miss you always!