Battle for Azeroth Raiding

Time to start thinking about raiding!

Please comment here, or in the forums entry for BfA raiding about your interest and plans for raiding this expansion (I’ll have to fix the formatting in the forums again).

Feel free to consider changing classes and roles from what you’ve done before, even if it’s a major change and a niche you’ve never done before. If you’re interested in something new, we will do what we can to support it!

At a minimum we’ll need 2 tanks and 3 healers, and we will appreciate anyone who is willing to play a hybrid class or willing to try filling one of these roles.

5 Responses to Battle for Azeroth Raiding

  1. Brashear says:

    I would like to raid as a DPS arms warrior. But I am willing to learn to tank if that role needs filling.

  2. Kaj says:

    I will heal (as per usual). If there is a DPS position I would like to try a frost mage. Trying to gear one at the moment.

  3. Johalex says:

    I would like to raid as a Rogue. Unfortunately, we are not very good tanks this expansion and they took away my bandages so I can’t heal either.

  4. Dreadfangor says:

    I would like to raid. I have no idea what char though. My only mythic gear ready char is Goldmane, but I’m not sure about raid tanking. Never done it, even in LFG. I don’t really know how to heal on him, though I could try. I could still take Dread, he’s just not as geared (to heal), or I could DPS on my mage, though he’s even lower geared atm.

  5. Brothen says:

    I will raid as a undying rogue. No one else can bring this to the table… just saying.

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